Welcome!  My name is Suzanne Brouillette and I am the owner of Slovenian Beekeeping LLC and  the organizer of  the Beekeeping Tours to Slovenia and own the only shop in the United States that sells the Slovenian AZ Beehives & accessories!

While living in Vicenza, Italy from 1987-1999 and working for the US Army on Caserma Ederle, I was the Director for the Information, Tour & Travel Office for  six years. During this time I organized many tours to various parts of Slovenia where I fell in love with this amazing country. On these tours I would see the bee houses and bee trucks and always enjoyed them but never thought I would one day become a beekeeper myself. In 1999, I moved to live full time in Drezniske Ravne, Slovenia for five years.

After returning to my home state of New Hampshire, I was  talking to a friend one day about my garden (that's a whole other amazing story!),  and he said “why are you not a beekeeper with that beautiful garden you have?” I didn’t have an answer! Then he told me he was starting a beginner bee class -- so I signed up.

I am heading into my 8th year as a passionate beekeeper and love it.  I've just returned from our Fall 2017  beekeeping tour to Slovenia where I played tour guide  for 10 enthusiastic tour-goers.  Here in Harrisville, sales of the Slovenian Hives at my shop is booming as are the number of people coming to visit my new Slovenian bee house and now, also my "barn bees".

​NH now has 9 bee houses with at least 4 more going up in 2018!

Slovenian Beekeeping LLC

Suzanne Brouillette